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Hi OPENDTG community.Call me Sai.I have been very interested in T shirt printing and I have a small clothing brand back in the philippines.I always outsource my prints using Silk screen and feels restricted with it.It happens to be that I am an Electronics Technician/Fire alarm technician in my day Job.I see great potential on DTG printers but the cost of the printers out there are really out of my budget. I have been saving up for TDOZER kit or for UFO printers but having doubts on both due to the reviews I have been reading in some forums.
Then I saw OPENDTG  arduino.Been reading some post now and I decided to register as the community seems to be healthy and helpful.Moreover the price of the kits are much much cheaper than those mentioned above.
Thank you for accepting me here in the group and Hoping for the best to all of us..

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