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Re: OpenDTG Pre-Treater Build

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:22 am
by Andy
ddelgrande wrote:
So I have everything I need to build the pre-treater, so a few more questions: 

1.  I'm building the base out of OpenBuilds V-Slot Gantry Set and V-Slot Linear Rail coupled to 1 1/2" PVC Schedule 40 pipe.  I will T the pipe to build the riser extensions but wonder where I should place those extensions in relation to the the V-Slot which is 39" long.  I'll be using/making a platen that is 18" wide and 24" long.

2.  The Start and Purge buttons.  Does the polarity matter when connecting to the Pre-treater board?

3.  bStop = Limit Switch?

4. Length and Speed buttons.  With the buttons facing with the terminals up, from left to right, would that be minus, ground, plus?


1: I put the nozzle towards the front of where the Epson printer would be if this was a printer base.
2: Polarity doesn't matter on those
3: This is the back stop limit switch
4: I will look and upload something soon but you just want to keep them in order. 5v - Signal - Gnd. If you keep them in a order the worst case is they are backwards and your knob operates opposite.

Sorry for the lack of documentation. I'm working on more documents and videos