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I'm looking for a piece of code that will turn on 2 stepper motors for a certain amount of time when a limit switch is pressed. So I have a limit switch, (we will call it the front drop switch) at the end of my platen travel so that when the platen is ejected it hits the front drop switch, which turns on 2 stepper motors that lower my platen by a certain amount, via the base controller board, and then signals the AIO board to return the platen to the start position ready to print "page" 2 . Can anyone help me with this? I'm using a 1430 printer with an AIO v.2 board and a base controller board. My two stepper motors that drop the platen are attached to the base controller. I also need to know where I would connect my "front drop" switch on the base controller board. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is the final step to building my 3D printer!
I've not looked at the base controller or it's software but I would have thought the simplest way would be to add code so that the front stop switch is in either state 0 or 1 and each time it is activated the state changes between the two. If state 0 the height is normal and state 1 it is lowered by x amount of steps.
I would advise the end switch also has a on/off toggle switch inline so you can disable it for height adjustment.
The switches would need to be connected to an unused pin on the chip.